Stephen Brunero (RIPIN's Executive Director) with Ammala Douangsavanh (RIPIN's Board Chair)

Stephen Brunero (RIPIN's Executive Director) with Ammala Douangsavanh (RIPIN's Board Chair)

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to assist individuals, parents, families, and children to achieve their goals for health, education, and socio-economic well-being by providing information, training, education, support and advocacy for person/family centered care and system change.

RIPIN’s vision is that individuals, parents, and families will advocate for themselves, ensuring that their needs for health, educational, and socio-economic supports are accessible. We envision systems that produce better outcomes for the individual, family, child and community.

RIPINs Core Values

    Respect- value the diversity and efforts of our colleagues, partners, and the community we serve
    Collaboration- work towards goals through genuine partnerships to empower others with shared participation
    Commitment- focused on serving and positively influencing the well-being of our community
    Integrity- being steadfastly adherent to high ethical principles and professional standards
    Professionalism- strive for excellence upholding all core values through conduct that demonstrates cooperation and competence


Founded in 1991, the Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) is a statewide, 501(c)(3), charitable, nonprofit organization with a collective programmatic reach that extends to every Rhode Island community, the state's major family-serving systems, schools, associations, and agencies.

Our goal is to inform, support, and empower parents, families, individuals, and family-serving professionals who seek to become effective advocates for their families, children, themselves, and their communities. We serve more than 60,000 Rhode Islanders each year.