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Dare to Dream Annual Leadership Conference

High School Dare to Dream 2017

This conference, held at Rhode Island College in Providence, provides students with special needs the opportunity to examine the concepts of transition and to share experiences with other students. The primary goal of the conference is to help students gain self-determination and leadership skills. Participants learn valuable skills such as advocacy, teamwork, public speaking, time management, and mentoring.

Who Should Attend? Students who:

  • Receive accommodations in school (IEP, IHP, 504) or in transition to adulthood;
  • Have disabilities;
  • Have special healthcare needs;
  • Come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Have had or are experiencing a mental health challenge;
  • Have difficulties with school attendance;
  • Have experience with the juvenile justice system;
  • Have experience with the child welfare system (foster care, adoption);
  • Are interested in learning more about available resources for youth;
  • Want to be more engaged in school and in the community;
  • Have an interest in helping and motivating their peers.

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For more information about Dare to Dream contact
Deb Golding at deb.golding@health.ri.gov
or call 401.222.5954