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Our First “Family Leaders” Nevin Beighley(left) and Sophia Michalopoulos(Center right) along with Deb Belanger, -Training and Professional Development Manager- RIPIN and Jonna Mulvaney,-FLDI Coordinator at the Family Leadership 101 pilot training held in the Spring of 2011.

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Family leadership development institute

The Family Leadership Development Institute (FLDI) is a collaborative initiative that was created to develop a network of family leaders in Rhode Island to make a positive impact on schools, communities and in health care arenas. FLDI offers workshops, training, support, and networking opportunities to anyone who wants to become a leader.

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mission & vision

The Family Leadership Development Institute provides support, training, and networking opportunities for the development of family leaders in Rhode Island. Family leaders include parents and individuals who lead peer involvement efforts in schools and communities; parents of children / youth with special healthcare needs; family members or caregivers of people with disabilities; and / or consumers with disabilities, chronic conditions or special healthcare needs who provide peer assistance, either as a paid employee or a volunteer -

The vision of the Family Leadership Development Institute is that family leaders in RI will have the consistent training and the support they need to provide peer assistance; and effectively advocate for person/ family centered care at the individual, local, systems, and policy levels.