Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project

View Spotlight on Rhode Island's Nationally Acclaimed Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project (PPEP) that features the Partnership of RIPIN's Parent Consultant Program...

ppep program
In October, 2010, Title V of the Social Security Act celebrated its 75th Anniversary in Washington, DC with a grand celebration. Rhode Island's Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project (PPEP) was highlighted as one of the most successful and innovative programs nationwide.
The Maternal and Child Health Bureau commissioned a "digital story" by Catalyst Center of Health Care Financing to recognize PPEP's success and bring its story to life.

Please view this wonderful video story that highlights partnerships and the positive impact of peer support in delivering high quality family-centered care. We are proud that RIPIN's Parent Consultants are highlighted throughout

RIPIN has several successful programs that provide peer support services throughout RI. Our programs are recognized locally and nationally for setting high standards for parent/individual engagement and involvement, and parent/individual support in health and education